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Estate Appraisal and Sales

Are you looking for a reliable consultant who can evaluate your estate or household belongings for a division or moving? If so, then let Chattel Changers help out with all your estate appraisal and sales needs. For over 46 years, Chattel Changers has provided exceptional services in estate liquidation matters.

Our Property Clean-Out Services:

Chattel Changers offers property clean-out services that includes everything from arranging for the removal of furniture, trash/chemicals, to contacting charities and engaging an independent mover for the efficient and safe transfer of your possessions. We handle all the details and can help get your property ready for the next tenant. We can do as much or as little as you need. Call us at (414) 239-9175 for a consultation.

When the service is complete, you will receive an itemized bill and charity sheet if one is used.

Why Choose Chattel Changers?

  • In Business Since 1972
  • Well-Trained Professionals
  • Competitive Rates
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • We Generate Better Returns
  • We Make Estate Appraisal Easy
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The Exchange - Our Consignment Shop

If you are looking for the unusual accessory to decorate your home, a unique gift, an added piece to your collection, your moneys worth in fine workmanship, or the mellowness and charm of older pieces the Exchange is the place for you. The exchange is a consignment shop for fine home furniture, antiques, decorative accessories, fine jewelry, silver crystal glassware, artwork, colletables, and other items that you might not use. Someone else will love them and you will make some money.